Anyone can compete in the East Roundnet Series. Players can compete and are eligible for prizes from individual tournaments. Any player who competes in at least five tournaments will receive an East Roundnet Series 2019 T-Shirt. Only players who live or go to school in the East will be eligible for prizes awarded to the top individuals at the end of the series.


Tournaments will give players the opportunity to play numerous games of roundnet. Between pool play in the morning and elimination brackets in the afternoon, all participants are guaranteed a fun-filled day!

The East Roundnet Series comprises nine roundnet tournaments across the region. Stay tuned for tournament registration links.


To promote participation across the series, every tournament will use the same point structure. Further, keeping the point values close at the top means players will need to participate at multiple tournaments and not just rely on one or two strong performances. If a tournament has multiple divisions, points will only be awarded to players in the highest level division.
Tournament directors will determine whether or not to play out for each place. In the event teams do not play out for place, points will be split evenly among tied teams. For example: if 4 teams lose in the quarterfinals and finish T-5th, they will split the points for ranks 5-8 and get (250+225+200+175) / 4 = 212.5 points.

If not, point distribution will follow the single elimination or double elimination distribution accordingly.

At the end of the tour, an individual’s score is determined by their top 5 results. Ties will be broken by total series points, then best finish.

Rank Points
1 500
2 425
3 350
4 300
5 250
6 225
7 200
8 175
9 150
10 140
11 130
12 120
13 110
14 100
15 90
16 80
T17 50
T33 25


Tournament prizes will be determined and awarded at the discretion of the tournament director. These are open to players from out of the region.

The 10 individuals* with the highest point total based on their top 5 results for the entire series will win:

- Custom Jerseys

- TBD additional prizes

*Only players who live or attend school in the East region (CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT, or WV) are eligible for overall series prizes.

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Credit to Spikeball Roundnet Association and Rocky Mountain Roundnet for providing the basis for this structure.